Bry Cox

Bry Cox is excited to bring photography education to Boise, ID in late February.  He is honored to be selected as a Legend on this tour.  

Bry is a Gold Medalist out of 25,000 international photographers, on the Adobe Software Evangelist team, a PPA Master/Craftsman about 10 times over, Certified for more than 10 years, and has been named ‘Photographer of the Year’ many times. Bry has run a studio in Utah for over 20 years, he’s been teaching workshops to photographers throughout the US, Canada, and China for over a decade, and has created many training videos, tools, and books for photographers to rave reviews.

Bry’s images are used by magazines, record companies, VIPs, filmmakers, TV anchors, musicians, and prominent people like LeAnne Rimes, Olivia Newton-John, David Archuleta, Natalie Cole, Kenny Loggins, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Forbes, Mitt Romney, the last four Utah Governors; and companies and magazines like Capitol Records, CMT, Billboard, TV Guide, American Girl, American Photo, and Professional Photographer Magazine.


I’m a PPA Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman, and have dedicated my life to my love and passion of making people look their best during important times of their lives.  We are surrounded with low quality but quick snapshots that have their place. But I create custom portraits of people that hopefully evoke an emotional response from family and loved ones.  I believe in the importance and power of great portraits. I love people's reaction from seeing a well-made portrait of themselves or a loved one. And because these feelings are real, our loved ones are real, and families are real, I specialize in creating real physical art pieces for your home.  Yes, I have digital options, but I like to take things even further.

Beyond just using Master techniques in direction, lighting, and retouching so you look your best, I also focus on creating the best possible wall pieces and boutique products to brighten your living spaces.  I love creating and delivering something of value that can be enjoyed now as well as with future generations. It seems that most material things we spend our money on can be replaced, but there are few things we'd run into a burning house to save – and family portraits top that list.  We can't retake portraits once time has passed, our children have grown, or a loved one is lost, and that's why I love creating special and emotional pieces for you right now. I really know how to make you look your best.


Bry's trademark tagline is "Celebrity Style Imaging, Inc."  You can find sample images of his work below or on his website at