Legacy Tour 

Join Sandy Puc’ for a custom family portrait session in the heart of your hometown!
Sandy will once again start on the west coast and work her way across the country doing family photography sessions. From the rugged sky line of NYC to the sandy beaches of California she will tell each family’s unique story with amazing images.

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Hands-On Workshop:
Babies & Children

Master portrait artist Sandy Puć has discovered that working with children is 20% photography and 80% psychology. The Hands-On Babies & Children Workshop will walk you through tips and tricks to make your session a breeze. This workshop covers basic camera set up to LIVE sessions with models. 

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Selling for Success 

What good is creating incredible images if you can’t sell them effectively? This 4-hour program gives you a complete sales break down. Learn how to handle objections and create product lines that sell. Understand the best and most-effective software and equipment to use, and experience a complete sales walk-through.

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